Taking this assessment helps agents see angles of their business and blind-spots that may be hiding from plain site. Without any obligation to you, we will follow up with you and tell you exactly how you can capitalize on your current situation.

Every time we get this opportunity, it turns into a very positive experience. Like with the help of slot 777. As you learn how to make your business more efficient and what opportunities may be available to you.


    What type of Real Estate License do you currently have?

    Are you a full-time or part-time REALTOR? (check any that apply)

    What's your passion? Why did you get licensed?

    Assuming an average commission of $8500.
    How many transaction sides, at 100% commission, do you NEED
    to support your current lifestyle?
    (don't forget your business expenses)

    Whatever you choose, I guarantee I can help you obtain it.

    Do you have a personally branded website?

    What resources to you use to market for new business? (check all that apply)

    If you had a PROVEN strategy, how much could you afford on a monthly basis on marketing?
    Return On Investment starts in 90-120 days.

    Studies show that BIG Brand Brokerages are NOT important to consumers. Are they important to you?


    What do you like most about your current brokerage? (check all that apply)

    Are there any services you wish your current brokerage could provide you? (check all that apply)

    For my analysis, what is your fee agreement with your current broker?

    Have you ever considered managing a brokerage of your own?

    If so, how many agents would you like to manage?