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We took a whole new approach to this business and it’s proven to be a success! The difference with NRG is that our business model was designed to help agents grow their business, through dedicated training and support, and by providing a unique commission structure that allows agents to keep more of their earned commissions. National Guild Realty has several office locations in the country with about 400 agents at the end of 2021.

From our valuable training sessions to our lead generation tools, to our true 100% commission program, there just isn’t a lot of brokers that operate the way we do!



Our distinct culture has created a true sense of community and family. As we grow, we are not motivated to just recruit agents, our company’s motivation and responsibility is to help agents create a successful real estate business. If you are looking to join a team that has purpose and a sense of community, we want to have a conversation with you.


Our technology, and marketing tools, are among the most advanced in the real estate industry. Everything from your own personal website, to dedicated websites for your listings, to an advanced CRM that can help with prospecting, to lead tracking technology; our focus is on driving your business, while saving you time and money.


As exciting as a career in real estate can be, for some it can seem like an arduous process to begin gaining momentum. We understand the challenges you may face, and we ensure that you won’t have to navigate them alone. Our success is measured by the success of our agents. Our mission is to empower agents to achieve by providing first-class training and support.


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(651) 330-8000

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NRG is Dedicated to Your Success!


Getting started is easy, we provide all the training you need to get going. We’ll dive into how to use all the technology and tools we have available to you, including your website, CRM, and lead generation tools.


We pride ourselves on providing valuable training sessions and giving our agents the tools and knowledge they need to succeed! Every month, we host training sessions that are exclusive to National Realty Guild agents.


Aside from our monthly training sessions, we also offer CE classes every month. This gives our agents the opportunity to stay up-to-date on their licensing requirements, while providing the resources our agents need for their business.


We are dedicated to helping agents grow their business!
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Randall Carey-Burg

Founded NRG in 2002

Our commission structure is unique but it’s a strategy based on pure compassion for the agents of National Realty Guild. Our real estate agents reap so many benefits from getting 100% commission. Growing National Realty Guild means much more than just increasing our number of transactions, it means giving our agents the opportunity and tools they need to establish and grow their own business.