1. Do your research before you choose a neighborhood or area to farm!

Don’t pick a specific neighborhood because it’s close to your home or you like the way the houses look, make your choice based on statistical data. What kind of turnover has taken place in the past 12 months? Does a specific agent or agency have a huge market-share? If turnover is low and the neighborhood is dominated already, pick a different area to farm.

2. Consistency is critical!

Mailing to a farm quarterly or every other month isn’t going to get you the result you want. You must mail to your farm every single month! Homeowners constantly get mail from real estate agents, but rarely on a consistent basis from one agent. It’s the agent that is in front of them the most that will get the business.

3. What do you send?

Abandon the envelope and stationery. You have only a limited amount of time to capture the attention of people, get their attention with a postcard. Eliminate the chance of someone not opening your mail. A glossy postcard will at least be looked at and possibly kept if you have good content.

4. What is good content?

Keep your farm abreast of the market conditions at all times. Average sales price, median sales price, days on market, interest rates, current active inventory and all the information you can provide them to position yourself as the information portal. Consumers are looking for a competent agent with market knowledge. Not the agent that sends the best recipe card.

5. Don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen yourself!

As you become established in your farm as the local expert with up to date information you can now leverage yourself to generate even more results. How do you do this? Contact every FSBO in the neighborhood. The FSBO has now become a warm contact for you. They have been receiving your statistical market information and you have credibility. Consistently hold open house in your farm area. A lot of the visitors will be homeowners that have been receiving your valuable market information.