1. It’s a Listening Presentation not a Listing Presentation!

Leave your ego at the door and don’t tell the seller what you think is important, ask THEM what is important. Then, focus your listing presentation on their wants and needs.

2. Don’t Fall into the Pricing Trap!

The moment you set the price for a listing, you will be a hostage to that during the term of the listing. Provided the seller with the market data and allow them to determine where they want to start the pricing. Have an agreement to review the marketplace on a consistent basis and adjust the price according to the competition and activity.

3. The Numbers don’t Lie!

Keep abreast of the market conditions at all times. Average sales price, median sales price, days on market, interest rates, current active inventory and all the information you can provide the seller while marketing their property. You and the seller don’t determine the outcome, the market does. Consistently provide the seller with detailed market data.

4. Service the Listing!

Have you ever taken a listing, walked out the door, and become a secret agent? One of the biggest complaints that sellers have is the lack of communication that takes place between them and their agent. One of the most critical parts of the listing presentation is establishing an expectation and agreement around communication and the frequency of that communication. Their goal is to sell the home and your responsibility is to communicate what you are doing to make that happen and what they need to do to support that.

5. What’s the Feedback?

The seller doesn’t determine what their home will sell for and neither do you, the market does. The market is defined by the buyer that makes a buying decision based on what is available. Speaking with buyer’s agents that are showing your listings will help guide you and the seller in the strategy you must use to get the home sold.