1. Beat the competition to the best new listings!

Are you showing homes or selling homes? When working with buyers your job isn’t to show a bunch of homes, it’s to sell a home. The key to selling a home is being aware of the best inventory. Stay in contact with the strong listing agents in your marketplace so that you are aware of the best opportunities before the competition.

2. Do the research!

Constantly track listings that go under contract, actually close and new listings the day they go up for sale. Knowing the inventory isn’t the only thing expected of you, it’s critical that you are fully aware of what true market value is. Your job is to support the buyer in their decision process by consulting them with the value of homes in today’s economy.

3. Work with pre-approved buyers!

It’s easy to get excited when you get a sign call and it’s a buyer that wants to look at a specific home. You drop everything, schedule a quick appointment, and run out the door to meet the buyer at the property. Then you find out later they’re not qualified. You will not only save yourself a lot of time, you will increase the negotiating power of your buyer with a pre-approval in hand.

4. Present your offers in person!

You are there to represent the best interests of your buyer. To adequately do this, make sure that you present your offer to the seller in person. You will provide a personal touch and might pick up some critical information during this meeting.

5. Prove that your buyer is serious!

One of the best ways to do this is with a strong deposit with the offer you present.

6. Keep your offer simple and clean!

Make sure that your contract is simple, without all kinds of contingencies and repair requests. The cleaner your offer, the more interested the seller will be.