Full support makes switching to NRG easy

We help you properly prepare by designing personalized signs for listings, order business cards, activate a corporate email, set-up voicemail, agent websites, domain forwarding, and anything else necessary to assure a smooth transition.

What happens when someone decides to join NRG

  • Review & Sign Contract
  • Fill out personal information sheet
  • $20 state license transfer fee
  • Transfer Submitted to DOC
  • Free E&O coverage
  • MLS® Change Sent to Your Association
  • Welcome to NRG Email
  • NRG Email Generated
  • Access to Back Office
  • Access to NRG Forms
  • Facebook Welcome Post
  • Business Card Templates and Quick Order

Business Coaching and Advanced Productivity Tools.
NRG provides “Accountability Sessions”. Stay on track with a custom business plan.

Top Reasons To Join NRG:

  1. Culture
  2. Technology
  3. Support
  4. Onsite Continuing Education
  5. Full Administrative Support and Easy Broker Access
  6. Total Expert Websites and Customer Relationship Manager
  7. Enhanced Listing Tools
  8. Automated Prospecting Programs
  9. Listing Syndication
  10. Single Property Websites for Sellers
  11. Lead Tracking Technology
  12. Kinder-Reese Rockstar Real Estate Coaching Total Access

THIS IS OUR CULTURE. Are you ready for the opportunity?