NRG University

National Realty Guild real estate training is a collaboration of real tools and systems that have become the trademark of successes for many agents around the nation. The NRG University brings together everything from basic real estate education and Realtor Certification Programs to Stealthy Marketing Techniques.

NRG Business Certification (NRGBC)

Because NRG considers net-branch associates as business partner, the NRGBC program is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to create your own independent branch. The teachings are “hands-on” and are centered on accountability. When earned, the NRGBC designation may be put on you business cards and all other marketing material.

Stealth Website Marketing Training

NRG Realtor websites have an entire business plan built around them. The webinars will teach you how to effectively use the websites to your advantage. These teachings can be applied to all the marketing methods you use and are the foundation of many top agents principals to success.

Success with Real Estate Coaching Webinars

NRG Online training webinars cover the content from our online portal which is loaded with dozens of short videos, audio files, photos and material downloads. In addition there are over 100′s of other downloads including client conversion scripts, useful forms and proven marketing materials/programs. These materials are the tools used by america’s top-agents that are tested and proven to build your business by increasing your image, your professionalism and mostly attract new clients in droves. Follow this program and your business will explode.

As you can see, National Realty Guild is dedicated to your success. We’ve put some of our PRIVATE ONLINE UNIVERSITY right here for you to explore.

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