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    The NRG100 Plan


    • Complimentary E & O
    • No Franchise Fees
    • No Desk Fees
    • No Technology Fees
    • No Monthly Dues
    • No Annual Dues
    • Profit Share
    • Full Support


    The National Realty Guild Advantage

    Are you a real estate professional who’s looking to grow your realty business and get more clients? The National Realty Guild offers some of the best resources available to help you bringin new, reliable clients.
    • Commission Paid at the Closing Table (in states that allow it)
    • $500 Joining Fee-Paid at first closing
    • Industry-Standard Buyer/Seller Admin Fee
    • 90/10 Commercial (With Experience)
    • 90/10 On Property Management With Caps at $495
    • Company Provided Personal Branding / Design Work
    • Lucrative Profit Share Program
    • No Technology Fees
    • Full Support Team
    • No Monthly Dues
    • No Annual Dues
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    Contract Details

    Monthly Fees

    Short answer: none. Longer answer: NRG agents do not pay any monthly fees. Zip, zilch, zero, nada.


    Annual Fees

    Short answer: none. Longer answer: NRG agents do not pay any Annual fees. Zip, zilch, zero, nada.


    Residential Sales

    Buyer/Seller pay $495 or regional industry-standard admin fee.


    Residential Leases

    90/10 Split with a $495 CAP.


    Initial Activation

    Agents pay an initial activation fee of $500 but not until they close their first transaction. Agent will receive a customized IDX website and Client Relationship Manager. This creates a bonus to staff to integrate them with the company and help them through their first transaction.


    Incoming Referrals

    90/10 Split with a $495 CAP.


    High Value Properties

    For all transactions that have a final sale price over $2.0 million, agents pay an additional $25 E&O Fee per $100,000 price increment over $2.0 million. (Note: The total fee on a $2.4 million property will still be $600 while the agent earned $71,400 (assuming a 3% commission). This is after paying their transaction fee of $500 plus the E & O fee of $100 in this example.)

    Commercial Transactions

    90/10 Split. Buyer/Seller pay $495 or regional industry-standard admin fee.


    Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

    90/10 Split.


    Selling Personal Real Estate

    Agents pay a $495 Risk Management Fee when selling personal real estate property where the agent represents him/herself.  (Note: E&O companies increase premiums significantly based on the number of deals where an agent sells their own property due to the high risk of getting sued. A real estate agent is considered having an “advantage” and therefore is often viewed as guilty until proven innocent.)


    Other Miscellaneous Industry Charges

    If agents incur any miscellaneous fees that are not listed above or fees related to a transaction (e.g. misc. bank fees, wire transfer fees, MLS fees, etc.), those are the responsibility of the agent.

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