Industry Experience

We’ve been in business for over 15 years and have over 150 dedicated agents on our team!

Excellent Team

With over 150 agents, full administrative support, and easy broker access!

100% Commission Program

Keep 100% of your commission on every transaction!

Advanced Technology

Grow your business with some of the most powerful tools available to our industry!

NRG Guarantee

We guarantee an increase in production that will be directly accredited to our tools, systems, and techniques.

Why Choose NRG?

Culture – Technology – Support!

Interested in becoming a real estate agent? At the National Realty Guild, we take a whole new approach to agent careers by offering 100 percent commission payouts while also providing dedicated support and the best technology available in the industry. Whether you’re just getting into real estate brokering or you’re a seasoned real estate agent looking to switch up your game, NRG is dedicated to your success and ready to help you take your real estate business to the next level.

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NRG Agent Benefits

  • 100% Commission Program

    NRG real estate professionals take advantage of our 100 percent commission program, meaning you keep more of the money you earn. There’s no catch, you keep 100 percent of your commission!

  • On-Board Training

    Becoming a real estate agent with NRG is easy. Our experts will guide you through the process, training you to use all the tools and technology you need to start generating more business immediately.

  • Easy Broker Access

    Have a question for our real estate professionals? When you start your agent career with NRG, you’ll always have access to your broker. You’ll never have to navigate this business alone.

  • On-Site Continuing Education

    Every month we offer classes for real estate occupations at our Minneapolis realty offices. Get great opportunities to learn with NRG and even take care of some CE credits in the process.

  • Agent Mentor Programs

    Just getting into real estate? Jump start your business with our real estate agent mentor programs. You’ll get real-time training to help reduce expenses, increase guaranteed income, and much more!

  • Profit Share Program

    Want to earn more? Add more people!

  • No Office/Desk Fees

    As a real estate agent with NRG, you’ll have access to all five of our Minnesota offices. Each location offers administrative support without monthly office fees, you’ll save money!

  • Exclusive NRG Training

    NRG offers valuable real estate agent career training sessions every month. Team up with a real estate broker who invests in your success and get the training you need to grow your business!

  • Full Administrative Support

    All of our Minnesota realty office locations offer full administrative support. Whether you need help answering phones or putting together important presentation, NRG has your back.

  • Proven Marketing Templates

    Get access to proven strategies that help you grow your real estate business by getting new, reliable clients. You’ll be able to implement these marketing strategies right away.

  • Personalized Branding Packages

    Whether you’re a solo real estate professional, or part of a team, NRG will help you build your business with custom branding packages. You’ll get better results from your marketing efforts and stand out from the rest.

  • Multiple Locations

    National Guild Realty has several office locations in the country to serve you and the needs of your business.

Advanced Technology

  • Agent Website

    A strong online presence is key to building your brand in today’s market. At NRG, we’ll help you build a custom website for your real estate agency to help you bring in new, reliable clients online.

  • Enhanced Listing Tools

    Need help getting more real estate listings? Having an agent career with NRG will ensure that your clients have the most powerful and effective listing tools available in our industry today.

  • Automated Prospecting Programs

    Turbocharge your sales process and let our technology help build your real estate business. These programs ensure that your business is staying in front of both buyers and sellers.

  • Lead Generation Tools

    Lead generation is integral in succeeding as a real estate professional. Here at NRG, we provide the latest tools to keep leads coming in for you and your real estate business.

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

    With a dedicated CRM, you’ll be able to keep track of all your real estate leads, clients, appointments, communications, and more in one powerfully convenient place.

  • Single-Property Websites

    These dedicated sites are built to help your real estate listings shine. You’ll be able to generate leads and provide comprehensive web traffic reports for your clients.

  • Listing Syndication

    Save time and money by using our Listing Syndication tools. It’s easy to use and helps to make sure your real estate listings are all up to date and presented accurately on every platform available.

  • Lead Tracking Technology

    Lead Tracking from NRG lets you see what’s working and what isn’t, giving you the opportunity to optimize your strategies for the best results. Manage and track your leads and get more business!

Agent & Team Branding

NRG will help you excel your business with your very own personal branding package.